If you have read a blog post or two, you may be wondering… who is Mary? Well, to start, she is a daughter of the One True King. She has a relationship with Jesus, she loves Him, and she longs to share His unconditional love with everyone that she meets.

Okay okay… enough writing about myself in third person! That feels weird. Basically, I’ve been through a lot in my life. And I don’t necessarily expect that to change anytime soon. I have learned a tremendous amount over the years… things about God, about the world He created, about how we as humans interact with each other… so many things. I am still learning every single day, and I am so grateful that God has the patience to keep teaching me – even when I am stubborn and impatient!

As the current season of my life has been unfolding, I have found solace more than ever in any kind of writing. Poetry, journaling, blogging, all of it. And after many tried and failed attempts in the past to start putting my writing out there, I have felt more than ever that God is calling me to start being very intentional with how and what I share. He is teaching me some pretty amazing things, and I would be foolish to let the opportunity to share pass me by. So – here I am.

A little bit of the more tangible things about me… I’m 25 and I live in Northern California. I have tried to leave multiple times, but every single time God has made it clear that it’s not time yet. I have an amazing family – mom, dad, and two sisters. Both (older) sisters are married, and sister #1 has her second kiddo on the way – any day now! I love my family dearly; they mean everything to me.

Currently I work part time at our local regional airport for a commercial airline. Yes, that means I get some good travel benefits. I love that it allows me to see people I love so much more often. After all, that’s one thing in my life that means so much to me – the people. Family, friends, dearly loved ones… everyone. I also love music; I sang in choir in high school and love to still sing as much as I can. I am a part of an amazing church in my hometown. Being that we live in a very liberal community, they do such an excellent job of intentionally getting the gospel out for our neighbors to hear.

That’s enough about me… various blog posts will have bits and pieces of my story, some more than others. Honestly, though? I’m an open book. Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, prayer requests… anything you can think of. I would be honored to hear from you.