Begin again.

This is the only poem from my current collection that actually has a creative title, ha. I wrote it early in the morning on Tuesday, May 7, between shifts. It’s much shorter and has more structure than the others, but it speaks volumes. I think the title sums it up just fine.

What does it mean
to begin again?
It means to face the unknown –
the unknown of a life not ruled by darkness.
It means to slowly
take baby steps forward,
baby steps into a life
you never dreamed possible.
It means to picture your years ahead
and not become paralyzed
by crippling fear.

What does it mean
to begin again?
It means to take God at His word
that my sins have been cast
as far as east is from west.
It means to trust Him when He says
that He really does know best.
It means to let Him love me
in a very real way…
a way that changes me from the inside out.

I honestly never thought this day would come.
But it’s time to begin again.

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