Ladies and gentlemen, we will be taxiing for the next few minutes…

Okay. So, many of you know that I love all things airplanes, air travel, aviation. I currently work for a commercial airline in my hometown at our small regional airport. Being surrounded by something that I love so much has been an absolute joy. I mean, the travel benefits are great. But being able to help people in a very tangible way? To help them travel… weddings, graduations, new grandbabies, even long lost family… it makes my heart happy. It’s why I do what I do.

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Poem three.

This one… this one was a little unexpected. This piece also came on a Saturday night after church and dinner, Saturday April 13. The initial concept and image popped into my head, but after I sat and wrote it all out, it ended differently and took a different tone than I initially thought. For a while after that, I didn’t see it as “powerful” or “intense” as my others, particularly poem two. But then God showed me in a very real way just how much truth these words hold, and now I am so grateful and honored that He is using me to share such a powerful truth.

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